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Lately, the media has constantly declared that email marketing is dead, but at BuzzRecruiter we know that when done correctly, email marketing can be a highly successful way of recruiting talent for your company. What many have failed to realize is that, yes, old-fashioned email marketing – the kind that ... Read More
January 13, 2014Sam Ajam


BuzzRecruiter.com is ringing in the New Year with a completely revamped website offering recruiters and staffing agencies comprehensive website design, mobile design, web and interactive marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media branding, integration and training, and content writing  and social media and blog writing services. Serving as a one-stop shop ... Read More
December 13, 2013Sam Ajam


While there’s a lot of talk about how you can improve your mobile marketing campaign, email marketing is often left by the wayside. However, data shows that checking one’s email is actually the most common activity amongst smartphone users. This means that bringing your email marketing campaign up to speed ... Read More
December 5, 2013Sam Ajam