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BuzzRecruiter is a unique program created specifically for the Recruiting and Staffing Industry. Located in Silicon Valley/Bay Area and with over 15 years of working with recruiters, BuzzRecruiter offers a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment process, and provides a wide range of services tailored towards small to large size recruiting and staffing businesses.



Ever since Google encrypted all of its search terms last fall, marketers have been searching for new ways to develop content based on the keywords and topics that are popular on Google. Fortunately, Google Trends allows marketers to get the exact information that they want, even though it might not ... Read More
February 24, 2014Sam Ajam


Facebook can be a valuable tool for recruiters, but it can also hurt a business if it’s mismanaged! Take time to carefully assess the state of your Facebook page and be proactive about updating it so that it seems professional and appealing to potential recruits. Once your Facebook presence is ... Read More
February 11, 2014Sam Ajam