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20% of mobile searches are now driven by voice search. If the trends stay in line and innovation progresses accordingly it's estimated over half of all searches will use voice searching by 2020. Optimizing for voice search is an increasingly essential tool in your SEO belt. But what makes voice search ... Read More
June 3, 2020Marketing
buzzrecruiter meta description


Google's meta description expansion will allow you to provide in-depth summaries of your content. Click here to learn more and upgrade your 2018 SEO strategy.
February 8, 2020Marketing
Google Analytics Explained: What Should Recruiters be Tracking?


Google analytics explained: Here's how to use Google Analytics to help you grow your recruiting business and learn about your website's visitors.
December 21, 2017BuzzRecruiter-Marketing


Google is beefing up efforts to keep private information private. That's great news, if you have a secure site. Learn how to meet Google's new rule.
December 5, 2017BuzzRecruiter-Marketing


Recruiting metrics are crucial for evaluating your hiring process. Here are 3 analytic recruiting metrics you need to know to obtain great talent.
November 16, 2017BuzzRecruiter-Marketing
Content Management Systems – CMS Programming and Development


An old recruitment website is just as bad as no website at all. When poor User Experience becomes an issue, it may be time for a website renovation. Here’s how to know. Search engine optimization is a constantly changing field that recruitment companies need to stay on top of to survive. ... Read More
February 5, 2017BuzzRecruiter-Marketing
5 Ways to Improve On-Page SEO for Recruiters for Optimal Results


SEO for Recruiters includes a broad field of practices that can easily overwhelm the everyday routine. You only have so much control over content posted on third party and social media sites. However, you have complete control over on-page SEO. Start with these on-page optimization updates for your recruiting and ... Read More
June 22, 2016Marketing
Your Starter Kit for Winning at Social Marketing in 2016


In 2015, there were some predicable standbys in social marketing. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter continue to dominate the social scene as “must-have” accounts. There were also some emerging trends. Messaging apps of all kinds have taken the social scene by storm, for both personal and professional use. As one year ... Read More
February 4, 2016Marketing
5 must ways to improve your SEO recruiting strategy in 2015


An inadequate SEO strategy can mean the difference between an overflowing number of qualified candidates and a stagnant pool of mediocre applicants. To successfully compete with other firms, it’s important to understand the changing state of SEO, its impact on recruiting results, and the steps needed to conquer search engines. ... Read More
March 26, 2015Sam Ajam
Mobile Recruiting


Mobile recruiting is here to stay. It's estimated that two-thirds of Americans have smartphones, and the more the Millennial Generation edges into the workplace, the more important mobile recruiting is going to be. In the same way that SEO and social media took the recruiting world by storm, mobile is ... Read More
July 12, 2014Sam Ajam